About us

We are a team of back-end developers. We work at work, code (often), put out fires in production, re-invent the wheel and implement workarounds. 

Each of us has at least 10 years of experience in development and lots of cautionary tales. We worked at Yandex (RU), Behavox (UK), Swedbank (EU), Thoughtworks (SGP) and other companies. We coded almost everything: firmware for hardware, desktop applications and the back-end of highly loaded scalable systems.

During all of this, we encountered most of the common issues, that can be found in nearly every company:

  • objectives take months instead of weeks
  • results are not scalable
  • legacy has accumulated and it’s time to rewrite the code again because, no one has any idea how it works anymore
  • fixes of small bugs take much longer than they could have taken
  • features invented by managers with abstract KPI-s
  • collective team burnout
  • partners / affiliate APIs are unstable, and we’re losing money because of them
  • and much more

In our blog we are trying to figure out why this keeps happening and how to overcome it. We share experiences, observations and trends.

Let’s get to know each other better, shall we?



Codes for money since 2009. Java / Kotlin-developer, participated in the development of medical and measuring equipment, wrote software for large ticket operators, caught insiders in Europe. He participated in the creation of software that allowed Yandex to issue its own bank cards.

Started with firmware for hardware and desktop (C/C++), and then moved on to enterprise. For the last 5 years has been involved in fintech. He works as a lead programmer, runs a couple of his own projects.

He is interested in information security and building reliable systems. Sometimes dabbles in mentoring interns.


10 years in IT. He started out in Kazan’s public companies and local unicorns. He worked in the Baltic region at Swedbank, and now works in Singapore’s Thoughtworks.

He participated in the development of startups, medical systems, banking software, as well as monstrous telecom systems that process monstrous SMS traffic.

Over 10 years, I saw a lot of problematic, chock full of features, unwanted projects, that caused unbearable suffering both to the team and their owners.