Do’s and Don’ts in Gatling

Recently, I spent a decent amount of time searching for a suitable load testing tool for a work project. Previously, we used JMeter, but it is quite difficult to write custom logic with it, which sometimes happens during load tests (preparing data in a tricky way, etc.). For this purpose, I turned to the Internet for info. We selected several options and finally settled on a tool called Gatling. Here are its main features:

  • Knows how to “shoot at a target”
  • Builds detailed reports
  • Draws beautiful graphics
  • Easily integrates into assembly
  • Sufficiently rich and useful DSL (although based on Scala)
  • It’s still a code (it will be an advantage for those who are tired of programming in XML)

We will not dwell on the features, you can study them yourself on the website of the maintainer. Let’s better go through the issues we faced in the process of working with it.

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